Selection of village


And selection of village


Topography of the village is determined automatically when you start the game.

Or what will be in the village because it is random, you can carefully selected by resetting the village terrain.



In this work, can be selected by the reset of the village.


In the former work, there was no choice in the village,

You can choose from four at the start of the village in this work.

(You can see up to four this village? → with! Different)


So much easier to carefully selected than the original.



Selected point




The Specifications of the facility described below, the terrain is easier selection.

And cliffs such as the location of the shape of the river is an important point.

In addition, the beach is divided into two patterns from the west or from the east or greater.





In this work, many facilities are concentrated in shopping center (located in the shopping center is fixed)

Moreover, the facilities built by public works can choose the place to some extent.

The effect of selected became thinner than previous work for it.

Square and the thrift shop is a facility used frequently, it is worth still.

Also, the position and slope down to the sandy beach of the river, directly affect their lives.

In this work, rivers, hill thrift shop-square tends to be so subject.



Fruit (specialty products)


In addition to those that are in the village at the start of the game, you get something other than a random one in specialty products.

Specialty products is higher than sale price of fruit is (?)


Although there is no thing to worry about if the communication environment has been enhanced, please I want to stick people.





There are three types of patterns on the ground.

In addition, there are three times when the snow piled up in response to each.





Initial resident


The village inhabitants have lived from the beginning 5.

Since this also random residents, who are residents of the aim will be to target.

However, you can come to the village on the move, so I settled on the mini-games or camping

This is definitely a good citizens! I may be good except through those who.